Jim’s Radio Show

Every Sunday from 4:00 to 5:00 PM on Radio 1510 AM for insights and discussions on what’s happening in the Real Estate industry.


With almost three decades of real estate experience in both Massachusetts and Florida he has a unique perspective to interest his listeners. On his show he invites guests to field questions and discuss current events related to local, regional, and national real estate. Jim has brokered property, franchised real estate companies, developed property published magazines and organized International broker networks devoted to real estate.

Jim Lowenstern, the CEO of Castles Unlimited International, Inc. for over 27 years, has launched a new radio show on WWZN 1510 AM begining on November 27th.

The radio show will also act as an informative platform about various ventures and new business models that are entering the real estate market such as NewEnglandProsperity.org, (Jim is on the Board of Directors of this project) which encourages buyers, sellers, and agents to give back to charity through real estate transactions.

“Hosting my own radio show has been a dream of mine for years and I’m thrilled that it is finally happening. My goal is to encourage an open forum for industry experts to discuss anything and everything real estate.”

“The radio show will be a great way to get the word out about my other real estate businesses as well: Castles Unlimited and Castles Magazine. Similar to my magazine, the radio show will include brokers from companies all around the country. The ultimate goal of the radio show is to invite lively conversation related to all things real estate without totally focusing on real estate. In conjunction with a new special guest each week we will offer new perspectives without forgetting that real estate is our central theme.”

Jim Lowenstern has lived and worked in Newton for 27 years. He specializes in luxury property in Boston and surrounding areas.